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Performing under Pressure

Patrick Forsyth

Working under pressure reduces productivity, threatens effectiveness, creativity and results and does neither individual nor organisation any good.

Daily Planning

Sarah Simpson

Master Daily Planning and give yourself space to breathe and develop. Become more effective and efficient, do more in less time, reduce stress, free up time for development and be a super planner!

How to organize your work, home and life

Harold Taylor

Time is an important non-renewable resource that can be used more effectively by organizing your work, your office and yourself. In this book, time management expert H.Taylor explains step-by-step.

Practical Mindfulness

Jean Gilhead

Wisdom teachings and practical exercises to help deepen your awareness and significantly reduce your stress. How can you become more mindful? Start from right here, right now...

Employee Wellbeing and Stress Management

Ruth L Randall

Develop an understanding of stress, its causes, signs and symptoms, as well as the impact it can have both personally and professionally.

Wellbeing at Work, a Practical Guide

Tim Scott,Gemma Dale

Employee wellbeing continues to increase in importance in the modern workplace. Full of proven tips, this book helps you construct a practical program that will help your colleagues thrive at work.

Productivity and Productive Efficiency

Abder-Rahman Ali

This book will make you discover several productivity tools that will help in boosting your productivity. You will learn to use these tools and strategies to set, manage and keep an eye on your goals.

Focus, Persistence & Resilience

Samuel A. Malone

The skills of focus, persistence and resilience are three ingredients for a successful career and life. Persistence is keeping going despite setbacks.

An Introduction To Holistic Time Management

Harold Taylor

Just as holistic medicine treats the whole person, so holistic time management goes beyond efficiency and effectiveness and applies the strategies necessary to lead a healthier and fulfilling life.

How work environment impacts productivity

Harold Taylor

This book goes beyond physical office layout and organization and explains the impact of everything from sound and office greenery to colors on your personal productivity, health and well-being.

Popular Audio Learning

Audiobook: Become the Leader You Are

Lindsay Wittenberg

A mini-manual for high-quality leadership, self-leadership and self-coaching. Each chapter gives insight and practical tips.

Audiobook: Essential Communication Secrets!

Carole Spiers

Are you a manager who is sometimes lost for words? Are there times when you actually say the wrong thing and make a difficult situation worse?

Audiobook: Creating Team Excellence

Patrick Forsyth

Practical guidelines on current best practices to focus attention on what will best enhance the performance of your team.

Audiobook: Finding yourself

Andy Turnbull

When we see people being authentically themselves we call it things like “individuality” and “charisma” - yet how can we be our true selves when we have so many demanding roles to fulfil in life?

Audiobook: How to be successful, despite yourself

Jacky Dakin,Laura Taplin

This book will help you overcome various difficulties you may experience in taking the first steps to start the journey towards success in your chosen career direction.

Audiobook: 21 Sources of Power at Work

Mike Phipps

What makes you powerful? Would you like to find new sources of power? Using new research and by challenging the existing thinking, this book makes sense of this vital area for career success.

Audiobook: Assertiveness

Eric Garner

Assertiveness is one of the most important skills you can learn today. It changes the way you communicate, deal with conflict, and your own relationship with yourself.

New Books

Focus: How to Ignore Distractions & Get More Done

Harold Taylor

One of the biggest reasons for a reduction in productivity in this digital age of speed are the distractions. This book shows you how to focus on your priority tasks despite them.

Coaching in a Culture Driven by Feedback

Jen Renee' Kirby

We will uncover the many hats of a coach & dig into coaching in a culture driven by feedback. Practical application exercises are provided to build your muscle as you embark on your coaching journey.

How to Set Up an Office at Home

Harold Taylor

This book outlines how to convert a room at home into a work oriented office, and suggests ways of making money while you sleep through e-commerce on your website.

First Steps in Selling

Patrick Forsyth

Selling successfully is dependent on understanding customers, how they make buying decisions and understanding also how to deploy an approach that respects that and is both persuasive and acceptable.

Lead Generation - A Primer

Dionne Mischler

This book is brought to you by Dionne Mischler, CEO of Inside Sales by Design. It calls out viewing your lead generation efforts as a structured program to see an increase in results.

Reinforcing your Sales Case

Patrick Forsyth

This book reviews a host of areas from planning to ongoing customer management, all of which can enhance sales results.

Making Deadlines Work for You

Harold Taylor

This book is a guide for time-conscious individuals who want to meet deadlines on a consistent basis without harmful stress or reduction in the quality of output.

Embracing a Culture Driven By Feedback

Jen Renee' Kirby

We will uncover the What, the Why, & the How to embrace a culture driven by feedback. Practical application exercises are provided to build your muscle, as you embark on your cultural transformation.

Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Mujthaba Hassan

This book will help you understand how hacking really works. It is for informational and educational purposes only and we strongly advise against misuse.

Coping in a Crisis

Hansa Pankhania

In this book you will learn how to overcome a crisis regardless of how minor or major it is in your life. You will gather the essential life skills to come out as stronger, wiser and more resilient.

How to Sell When Times are Tough

Niraj Kapur

Proven techniques and strategies to help your business continue selling during tough times. I know this works because I’m using them with my clients to turn their businesses around.

Personal Recommendations

Dealing With Difficult People

Ken Pierce

If you are ready to handle the annoying and troublesome people in your life then Dealing with Difficult People is for you.

Soft Skills

Manmohan Joshi

Develop the soft skills needed in order to shape up your overall personality. It will be of use to all - particularly final year graduate/post-graduate students.

Creating your CV as a self marketing tool

Paul H. Brisk

Whether you are just starting out on your career or are in employment, your job searching must have one tool before that journey starts and that is a professional CV.

An Introduction to the Internet of Things

Einar Krogh

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital revolution that in the time to come will have a major impact on our lives. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to the IoT.

Personal Confidence & Motivation

MTD Training

Do you have the self belief and confidence to make a difference? Do you “just know” that you’ll succeed no matter what?

Creative Problem Solving

Jonne Ceserani

Debunking the perceived mysteries and complexities of creativity and problem-solving.

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Olaf Passenheim

Every project and as a consequence every project manager has to deal with different targets, different environments and, last but not least, with different people.

Where You May Get it Wrong When Writing English

Leon Barkho

The book includes over 400 suggested correct versions of erroneous samples with useful explanations. New notions for writing in English like quoting and paraphrasing are introduced for the first time.

70 Ways to Thrive at Work

Ralph McKechnie Brown

Easy ways to develop your motivation, resilience, leadership skills and help you achieve more goals. Discover what the most successful people do. It’s all in 70 bite-sized chunks.

An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Steve Bark

This is the first in a series of books on Adobe Photoshop. Together, they will give the reader a good foundation in some of the major features of this ground breaking and industry changing program.